Navi Fairy - The Legend Of Zelda


Link - Open Water (Cosplay from Zelda Wii U) by Echolox

I’m sure Nintendo could use a Link for this year’s GamesCom, even if everything revolves around Hyrule Warriors right now. With all those costumes being announced they can’t leave out the new Link, right?

Photo taken, as always, by my boyfriend Laovaan :3

Happy Birthday aeroria! I love your blog and you make awesome graphics! Have a great one! uwu


I might have been playing this game a bit too long hmm

i’ve never played zelda games before but now i feel like finishing the entire series woW

"So…will you help me?"


okay if we’re mutuals u can

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this has been a psa thank u


did u kno: ur icon is actually you in 20 years

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Song of Storms performed by me on oboe

recorded by pinklacequeen

"When I finish with you, you can take solace in knowing your friends and kin will soon follow, as I wipe all who oppose me from the face of this world."


ロングフックショット by 濃霧
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ロングフックショット by 濃霧

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